Species in Danger 10 week Program - August 2022

FutureTech Association Australia • Balgowlah 2093


    Book in for our Species in Danger Program

    Species in Danger:

    Participants will learn about endangered species through the lens of technology, science, engineering and arts.

    Solutions based on biodiversity, climate action and artificial intelligence will help participants to understand the complexity of conservation and challenge them to think systematically about how to help animals and plants survive.

    When: Term starts on the 6th of August

    Face to face (Sydney Only - Northern Beaches location)
    11.30AM - 3PM
    $139.25 per week

    Our programs are targeted at neurodiverse youth aged 10-18 years.

Balgowlah NSW 2093, Australia

10 - 18 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

Balgowlah NSW 2093, Australia

About the provider

FutureTech is a vision of a world made better and richer by everyone in it.

We celebrate diversity in all it's forms. We understand that the problems we face today cannot be solved without it.

Our model is unique in that it has been specifically designed for Autistic young people by mentors and support workers with personal and professional experience of Autism.

Research supports the concept that Autistic individuals struggle to learn topics they are not directly motivated by.

That is why our model is participant-driven where learning is collaboration and exploration led by participants and facilitated by STEAM mentors and educators.

We offer participants a range of online STEAM workshops and social opportunities led by our team of mentors.

FutureTech Workshops

Our workshops are designed and delivered by our team of expert STEAM mentors and educators.

Each term has a new fun theme which all workshops are designed around to provide real world applications of the concepts that we teach

We’re here to build the future, and this time, we’re building it for everyone.

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