Super Air Combat Mission Workshop

Supercody • Sydney


    Great incursion for your Vacation Care program!

    Get coding by flying drones and knocking down monsters and villains threatening community safety!

    Some monsters and villains have broken out of prison and are posing a real threat to community safety. To save the community, the children need to combat the escapees using programmable drones to send them back behind bars.
    After teaming up, the children use an iPad and a coding app and take turns to instruct drones to take off, fly around, overcome an obstacle course and knock down bowling pins representing the wanted fugitives.

    1. Develops problem solving skills when planning flights.
    2. Develops logical thinking skills when coding and estimating time and distance.
    3. Generates excitement and a sense of achievement when watching drones fly, overcoming obstacles and knocking down bowling pins.
    4. Visualises coding by watching real drones execute coded instructions.
    5. Encourages teamwork and cooperation.

    What’s included?
    1. Tablets, drones and all the equipment needed
    2. Full compliance verification and documentation

    Basic information
    - Two age groups: Years K–2 and Years 3–6
    - The children will be split into sessions of 60 mins
    - Can be booked for your child's birthday party

    1. A large indoor space (Preferably a hall) with power available
    2. No food or drink permitted in workshops
    3. Tables and chairs that accommodate all children attending the session/s and setup in a “U” formation

    - $15 per child per visit
    - Minimum $550 per visit

Sydney NSW, Australia

5 - 12 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

Sydney NSW, Australia

About the provider

We come to you and provide everything you need to run our 21st Century workshops and activities.

Our workshops take your child's birthday party or your child care program to a next level of entertainment and connect you with the latest programming and coding apps and technologies to maximize fun and learn skills for life.

In each session, young learners are required to code, interact, communicate and cooperate and will need to show curiosity, confidence, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, reflexivity and imagination to complete tasks.

Children will experience great fun as they use their new skills to create digital games they like to play, fly drones, and control robots.

Why SuperCody?

★ Super Fun & Engaging

★ Super Educational

★ Hands-on Activities

★ Fosters Creativity, Problem-solving & Logical Thinking Skills

★ Adds Great value to Your Program

★ Keeps you up-to-date With Technology


★ Birthday party workshops and activities for families

★ Incursions for Vacation Care programs

★ Weekly coding classes and one-off workshops for Before and After School Care programs

★ Weekly coding classes and one-off workshops for ELC

★ In-School coding classes that cover all the "Digital Technologies" curriculum requirements

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