Adds great value to your Before & After School program!

    Learn how to code by building amazing games you love to play!

    The children learn basic coding skills they need to create simple games and/or specifying the missing elements of incomplete pre-designed games and then complete the games by adding and fixing their codes.
    By creating games and fixing scripts, the children learn how to use and connect code blocks together and build instruction sequences to animate the game’s characters according to the game’s rules.

    Topics covered: Planning, sequencing, repetition, automation, pattern recognition, motion, broadcasting messages, and adding special effects.

    1.Gives the opportunity to create own games.
    2.Develops problem solving skills when building, completing, troubleshooting, and fixing scripts.
    3.Develops logical thinking skills when coding, decoding and estimating.
    4.Generates excitement and a sense of achievement when completing and playing games.
    5.Encourages teamwork and cooperation.

    Basic information
    -Two levels to suit two age groups: Years K-2and Years 3-6
    -Time required per session : 45~60 minutes

    What’s included?
    1.Tablets and all required equipment are brought to your centre for this program
    2.Full compliance verification and documentation

    1.A quiet indoor space with tables, chairs and power available
    2.No food or drink permitted in workshops

    Price: $15/Child/Session (Min. $150 per visit)
    Travel fees may apply.

Sydney NSW, Australia

5 - 12 years old

2 hours



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

Sydney NSW, Australia

About the provider

We come to you and provide everything you need to run our 21st Century workshops and activities.

Our workshops take your child's birthday party or your child care program to a next level of entertainment and connect you with the latest programming and coding apps and technologies to maximize fun and learn skills for life.

In each session, young learners are required to code, interact, communicate and cooperate and will need to show curiosity, confidence, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, reflexivity and imagination to complete tasks.

Children will experience great fun as they use their new skills to create digital games they like to play, fly drones, and control robots.

Why SuperCody?

★ Super Fun & Engaging

★ Super Educational

★ Hands-on Activities

★ Fosters Creativity, Problem-solving & Logical Thinking Skills

★ Adds Great value to Your Program

★ Keeps you up-to-date With Technology


★ Birthday party workshops and activities for families

★ Incursions for Vacation Care programs

★ Weekly coding classes and one-off workshops for Before and After School Care programs

★ Weekly coding classes and one-off workshops for ELC

★ In-School coding classes that cover all the "Digital Technologies" curriculum requirements

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