This course is ideal for those students in upper high school who want to become more confident with performing monologues. Whether you’re a HSC Drama student wanting to prepare for your solo performance at the end of the year, or a young actor wanting to prepare yourself for upcoming auditions, this course will allow you to not only become comfortable in performing a piece of theatre on your own, but it will give you the skills needed to develop a convincing and compelling character.

    Students will be taken through strategies of how to pick a good monologue and then spend the workshop bringing that monologue to life through character work. Students will be introduced to the Stanislavski system of identifying the given circumstances of a monologue, breaking down the script, identifying the subtext that may exist beneath the words and imagining the emotional state of the character. They will also apply the stagecraft elements of props and costume to add to the character.

    The last session of the workshop will see students presenting their monologues.

    Note: We encourage those students who are studying HSC Drama or who are considering a career in acting, to apply for this course.



    In this 2-day screen workshop, students will be introduced to on-screen acting techniques and develop skills needed to become a disciplined and compelling screen actor.

    The workshop will start off with a range of ensemble building activities and improvisation to get students comfortable with themselves, their scripts and one another. Then, over the course of the two-days, students will learn Stanislavksi methods of how to find the given circumstances, beats and character objectives contained within a script.

    Students will apply these skills to short scripts taken from popular films and television shows and perform these to camera on the second day. They will have a chance to watch their scenes back at the end of the workshop and take away feedback from their tutor.

    Note: We encourage those students who are considering a career in screen acting to apply for this course.



8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

12 - 18 years old

0 hour



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8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

About the provider

Parramatta Actors Centre is an Award-Winning acting school in the heart of Western Sydney founded by AWGIE and AACTA-award nominated writer, actor and director Nisrine Amine.

We create and curate acting classes for Kids and Teens in Grades K-12 who are wanting to get out of their shells or simply continue to express themselves.

PAC classes are grouped into the following categories to cater to specific developmental stages:

★ Young Kids: Grades K-1

★ Kids: Grades 2-3

★ Pre-Teens: Grades 4-6

★ Teens: Grades 7-9

★ Senior Teens: Grades 10-12

Within each PAC class, a student may undertake and develop the following activities and skills:

★ Warm-up games

★ Roleplay

★ Improv exercises

★ Scene study

★ Character development

★ Vocal techniques

★ Movement and physical expression

★ Script analysis

★ Storytelling

★ Performance opportunities

★ Social interaction

★ Creativity and fun

★ Confidence building

★ Feedback and reflection

What makes Parramatta Actors Centre different from many other acting schools in Western Sydney is that not only are all of our teachers qualified and hold current Working with Children Checks, but they are working actors, writers and artists, as well as school teachers. This assures that students receive support from highly knowledgeable and supportive adults.

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