Our fun and engaging School Holiday program spans over 3 days. There are two sessions 3 day session that run every school holidays.

    Day 1 – Essential Skills Program: Revision of the previous terms topic. This course is perfect for students that are not confident with the topics being taught (they may need a bit of extra practice).

    Day 2 and Day 3 – Depending on the grade, students will either be focusing on basic skills, NAPLAN Preparation, OC/Selective Examination Papers or Senior years revision or upcoming topics. This course is perfect for parents who would like their child to make the best use of their time during the school holidays and prepare for the upcoming exams.

    Classes for primary run for 1.5 hours and students study Mathematics and English

    Years 7-10, 1.5 hours for group classes

    Senior classes are 2 hours.

    Group lessons and private 1-on-1 available, however, be mindful of price differences.

Level 1/600 Hoxton Park Rd, Hoxton Park NSW 2171, Australia

3 - 19 years old

1 hours

Where to find us

Level 1/600 Hoxton Park Rd, Hoxton Park NSW 2171, Australia

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Sam's Tutoring

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Your Professional Tutoring Hub.

Professional, friendly, and fully functional, our Tutoring Service is well renowned throughout the Leppington, Hoxton Park & Bossley Park area. Our team consists of qualified teachers and tutors, managing subjects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We always stand behind our quality of teaching, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority.


⭐ Science

>>> Year 7-10 Science

>>> Chemistry

>>> Physics

>>> Biology

⭐ Mathematics

>>> Primary Maths

>>> Year 7-10 Maths

>>> Year 11-12 Maths

- Standard

- Advanced

- Extension 1

- Extension 2

⭐ English

>>> Primary English

>>> Year 7-10 English

>>> Year 11-12 English

⭐ Others

>>> Business Studies

>>> History/Geography


Dedicated to Change

Sam's Tutoring was founded in 2009 operating under First Tutoring & Hoxton Tutoring in Bossley Park & Hoxton Park. It was born from three dedicated mentors (Sam, Robert & David) who wanted to change students outlook towards their education. Together we have helped over 3470 students (July, 2021) improve grades and more importantly regain confidence and motivation to make the impossible - possible!

Our goal at Sam’s Tutoring is to empower students with the ability to becoming self-driven and self-motivated learners. Our belief is that maximising academic performance is just one aspect of many that drives better human beings. To achieve this, we believe it is important in developing a personal connection with the student compared to a normal student-teacher relationship. This is from our decade of experience in the tutoring space and our own experience in the schooling system. As a result, many of our students stay connected to us after high school and regularly provide anecdotal advice to incoming classes.

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4.7 out of 5 from 16 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Alxrt on


a week ago

I've attended Sam's tutoring this year and I've been genuinely enjoying the experience here with all the tutors being extremely knowledgeable in their content and by far these tutors are one of the most enjoyable people to be around and be taught various topics within Mathematics. :D

Tom Sis on


2 months ago

My son and daughter are extremely happy at Sam’s and have improved significantly! The tutors are fantastic! Very professional and caring. I can’t thank them enough! Would definitely recommend

Fahad Qaisar on


a month ago

Happy with the services at the centre. Improved lots with maths and chemistry. The team is great and always willing to help me and my sister out!!!! ✔️💪🏿💪

Anthony Al Kazzi on


a month ago

Being a student at Sam's Tutoring has significantly allowed me to improve my academic performance in school and organise my time efficiently.

Della Khan on


a month ago

This place is amazing it’s so friendly and tutors are always ready to help!Love Sam Tom Mariette and all tutors!!!!!

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