Dear Parents,

    We're delighted to share with you the engaging and creative activities that your child will experience in our acting class. Our goal is to provide an environment that fosters self-expression, self-confidence, and a love for the performing arts. Here are some of the exciting activities your child can look forward to:

    Warm-up Games: Fun and interactive games to help your child get comfortable, build trust with their peers, and prepare for the day's activities.

    Imaginative Play: Creative exercises and games that encourage children to use their imagination, think on their feet, and develop problem-solving skills.

    Role-Playing: Exploring different characters and scenarios, allowing your child to step into someone else's shoes and express themselves through acting.

    Script Reading: Introduction to basic scripts and storytelling, helping improve reading comprehension, character development, and dialogue delivery.

    Movement and Expression: Activities that focus on body language, gestures, and facial expressions, helping children communicate effectively without words.

    Vocal Exercises: Exercises to enhance vocal projection, articulation, and emotional expression through speech.

    Improvisation: Encouraging spontaneous creativity and quick thinking by responding to prompts or scenarios without a script.

    Scene Work: Working with partners or small groups to develop scenes, promoting collaboration and teamwork.

    Character Development: Learning how to create well-rounded, believable characters with unique traits and motivations.

    Storytelling: Crafting and performing original stories or monologues, allowing children to share their own narratives.

    Performance Opportunities: Throughout the course, your child will have the chance to showcase what they've learned through small, informal performances, helping boost their confidence and public speaking skills.

    Confidence Building: Fostering self-assurance, encouraging children to believe in themselves and their abilities.

    Feedback and Reflection: Providing constructive feedback and encouraging self-reflection to help children continuously improve.

    Social Interaction: Learning to work collaboratively with peers, fostering important teamwork and social skills.

    Creativity and Fun: Above all, our classes are designed to be enjoyable and fulfilling, allowing your child to explore their imagination and have a great time while learning.

    We're committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where your child can thrive. If you have any questions or concerns about the activities or your child's progress, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to support your child's growth and development in the world of acting.



8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

5 - 7 years old

1 hours



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

About the provider

Parramatta Actors Centre is an Award-Winning acting school in the heart of Western Sydney founded by AWGIE and AACTA-award nominated writer, actor and director Nisrine Amine.

We create and curate acting classes for Kids and Teens in Grades K-12 who are wanting to get out of their shells or simply continue to express themselves.

PAC classes are grouped into the following categories to cater to specific developmental stages:

★ Young Kids: Grades K-1

★ Kids: Grades 2-3

★ Pre-Teens: Grades 4-6

★ Teens: Grades 7-9

★ Senior Teens: Grades 10-12

Within each PAC class, a student may undertake and develop the following activities and skills:

★ Warm-up games

★ Roleplay

★ Improv exercises

★ Scene study

★ Character development

★ Vocal techniques

★ Movement and physical expression

★ Script analysis

★ Storytelling

★ Performance opportunities

★ Social interaction

★ Creativity and fun

★ Confidence building

★ Feedback and reflection

What makes Parramatta Actors Centre different from many other acting schools in Western Sydney is that not only are all of our teachers qualified and hold current Working with Children Checks, but they are working actors, writers and artists, as well as school teachers. This assures that students receive support from highly knowledgeable and supportive adults.

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