Music is Fun is Forte’s introductory keyboard course for 3.5-5 year old students.🎹

    Together with Elroy, your child will experience basic music skills such as beat, rhythm and aural skills ( listening and singing) through group and solo singing. Other non-music skills such as language, social interaction, physical coordination and fine motor skills will come into play too!

    These are all great skills in getting your child school ready.


    Forte’s introductory keyboard course that teaches the foundations of music;
    Students learn how to find doh-soh of the keyboard, learn about the basics of music notation and core music foundations like high/low, loud/soft, short/long;
    Even though it is a group lesson, students do lots of individual tasks, like playing and singing on their own every lesson, which promotes confidence;
    Multi-sensory environment designed to keep the brain engaged & switched on for the entire lesson to improve reading skills, singing skills, fine motor & gross motor skills;
    Instruments include: 76 note keyboards for each child during the lesson, chimebars, egg shakers, bells, sticks, tambourines, rainbow shakers, guiros, castanets, triangles, drums, tap-blocks, finger cymbals, plus a huge tub of mixed percussion;
    At this age children are independent, so parents are there to be a learning partner during the lesson;
    Music is amazing for brain development especially in young children & stimulates and activates the entire brain
    Forte’s award winning early childhood program;
    For many students this is their first experience of a music class, so they may be shy at first, but confidence will improve so much after a few lessons!

    LESSON DURATION: 45 mins
    COST: $30.95 per lesson
    Total Cost for remaining term (6 lessons including learning materials and registration) = $277.70

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2/10 Hamilton Pl, Mount Waverley VIC 3149, Australia

3 - 5 years old

0 hour

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2/10 Hamilton Pl, Mount Waverley VIC 3149, Australia

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Forte School of Music - Mount Waverley

4.2 out of 5 (View 20 reviews)


Come and experience quality music lessons in a warm, friendly and nurturing environment and see how much fun learning music can be at Forte with our team of dynamic teachers headed by Pik Kong.

Forte courses offer the best start in music lessons your child can have. Each Forte course has been specially designed for a particular age group. Even babies & toddlers gain huge benefits from learning in our Jungle Music program. It's also never too late for adults to learn too!

We also have awesome private teachers who would love to share their experience with you on piano, guitar, drums and flute.


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4.2 out of 5 from 20 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Lulu Song on


8 months ago

As a musician myself I never thought getting my kids to learn music will be so difficult! I've tried a few piano places including well-known international programs (keyboard) and even private tuition at home but teaching a energetic 5yo boy is harder than I imagined. We are happy with Forte Music school especially because our teacher (Pik) is kind and patient; has the techniques to engage young children so now he no longer refuses to attend his music lesson and is gaining great aural skills.

Punita Verma on


2 years ago

Forte music school is probably the best experience for my son. In just few classes his interest in music seem to have grown many folds. Pik as a tutor is just amazingly outstanding. Her dedication to music and patience with kids is just another level. Curriculum is planned well from low basics to go high on notes gradually. Staff is very friendly and attentive to every details you seek. Disciplined and punctual in every information and guidance. I could not find a better school of music.Highly recommended.

Nilusha Fernando on


2 years ago

Great music school with talented and dedicated teachers!

My kids started piano and guitar lessons 4 years ago and have had a great journey at Forte. As a parent, it's amazing to see how their talent, appreciation and love for music has grown over the years.

I particularly love the parent participation in the Junior and Piano keys courses that gave me the opportunity to engage with my child's learning and make music 'fun'.

I highly recommend Forte Music!

Kelly Chng on


2 years ago

My daughter started her music journey around 18 months old at Forte Music Mt Waverley. She thoroughly enjoys the structure of the class and participate in singing and playing with different types of music instruments.

As a parent without music background, the syllabus/materials is easy enough to follow. This makes my experience very positive. It gives me great satisfaction that my daughter is learning very quickly and without much difficulties. At home, we have practise sessions where it also helped us bond together over music.

Ms Pik is a well experienced music teacher. We were provided with additional materials and also quick notes/guides weekly on how to help our children learn through the materials.

Chathuri Sajeevi on


2 years ago

My son has been studying music (piano lessons) at Forte Music Mt Waverely for about three years now. He likes going to lessons and thoroughly enjoy the music education provided at the academy. The lessons are designed in a manner suitable to kids his age and at the same time give a good understanding of music theory. The progress I have in my son for the last few years is remarkable and would recommend Forte Music Mt Waverely to anyone wanting to learn music or planning on educating their kids on music methodically.

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