Term 2 Acrobatics Classes Kids Aged 5-10yrs

Newie Circus Cats • Sandgate 2304


    Kids Acro Classes are fun, challenging and rewarding.
    Children will learn how to do skills such as handstands, cartwheels and contortion.
    This class is open to absolute beginners and intermediate kids.
    What does a class look like? Often they will start with a fun warmup, like an obstical course that will get their bodies moving and warmed up for the class. Next they'll work on safe progressions, skills and routines - eg, working on their planks, bunny hops and handstands. Finally, there is a cooldown to finish off the class.

2/32 Rural Dr, Sandgate NSW 2304, Australia

5 - 10 years old

1 hours

Where to find us

2/32 Rural Dr, Sandgate NSW 2304, Australia

About the provider

Looking for the perfect activity to get your child making friends, moving their bodies and being creative? Come try Circus Classes!

The perfect out of school activity for school aged kids.

A fun school readiness program for your preschooler, based in play and creativity.


★ Kids Pole

★ Aerial Silks

★ Aerial Hoop aka Lyra

★ Kids Acrobatics

★ Strength & Flexibility and much more!

Preschool classes are for 2-5 years old.

Kids Circus classes are for kindy to year six.

Teens classes are mixed with the adults.

Our goal is to build STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE in students of every age and every ability.

We welcome students of all diversities, including students with disabilities, neurodiverse (or as we would say, another kid with incredible talent), different body sizes, genders etc. The ONLY prerequisite is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and an interest to learn.

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