Are you finding videos on your phone of your child performing? Do they sometimes play the characters as they walk out of the cinema? Do you want to re-direct the energy that your child has into something more positive? Or maybe you find your child shying away from social activities? Acting Performance Studio brings out the best of your 7-12 year old who loves character play and seeing themselves on film.

    We harness that energy and enhance their skills for acting through a series of techniques that will make your child excited for more. They will learn how to memorise lines in a monologue and in a duologue, explore and create their characters, learn the function of story and bring to life their creations through costume, scenery and props.

    Senior Kids acting classes will explore:

    - Will explore and gain a variety of skills and screen techniques for auditions and screen tests.
    - Participate in regular improvisation exercises to promote spontaneity and encourage imagination.
    - Will learn script analysis techniques and scene studies to help you break down and understand the text you are working with.
    - Will do regular recorded scene work, rehearsing with scene partners to explore a range of ways to approach scenes.
    - Will focus on vocal technique and physicality to develop characters.
    - Will have the unique opportunity to review and analyse your scene work in class with our playback monitors.
    - Will work with our highly experienced tutors; professional working actors, directors and filmmakers. Be supported in your training with expert advice and tips, be encouraged to find your personal approach to the craft.
    - Will participate in a variety of fun and educating drama games, working in partners and teams to help build your confidence, focus and reactivity.
    - Will assist in the film-making process, contribute to the script and character development as well as acting in a short film produced as part of the class.
    - Will work in a nurturing class environment, supporting you to grow into the best performer you can be.

1/34 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189, Australia

7 - 12 years old

2 hours

Where to find us

1/34 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189, Australia

About the provider

Acting classes for all ages!

At Acting Performance Studio we have a class for everyone! Whether you’re just starting out or want to sharpen your skills, we offer quality teaching in a fun and supportive environment for students of prep school age all the way through to adulthood.


⭐ Screen Acting Technique: Teens

⭐ Junior Kids Acting (Prep-Grade 2)

⭐ Senior Kids Acting (Grades 3-6)

⭐ Teens Musical Theatre

⭐ School Holiday Programs

(18th September - 20th September)



We inspire artistic outcomes that build self-confidence, self-growth and acting aspirations.

Our mission is focused on the education of film in the craft of acting. We aim to nurture an individual’s gift through offering a variety of courses and workshops that recreate an ‘on set’ experience to help build and gain the essential skills that go beyond the course and into the real world of the film and television industry. We encourage all performance levels as a supportive all-inclusive environment to develop the individual’s artistic language.


Acting classes for adults and young people of all ages and levels of experience are taught over four different locations. We run a full time program, term classes, holiday courses, casting workshops and private tuition for screen tests, callbacks or Year 11/12 performances.

Absolute beginners looking for a place to express themselves, professional actors wanting fine tuning, and intermediate actors seeking in depth training can all find a home at our studio.


⭐ To provide an outstanding level of actor training with courses to suit all performance levels.

⭐ To support students' development with an individual approach to training.

⭐ To ensure students work in a caring and professionally supportive environment.



We approach performance training with honesty, integrity and commitment to each student's individual development. It is our belief the art of performance will make your heart soar and enrich you as a human being. Our passion for the craft and our commitment to the personal / professional development of each student are the core motivations behind what we do. Quality education, self-growth, self-confidence and the highest level of training to fully prepare our students for a career in the industry are what defines us. We also support various charitable causes within the local community that help to promote these values that we hold so dear.

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