Embark on a captivating journey into the world of musical theatre with our dynamic and exhilarating weekly dance classes tailored for young performers aged 12 to 18. Over the course of 9 weeks, participants will delve into the art of storytelling through movement, exploring a diverse range of dance techniques and styles that are integral to the magic of musical theatre.

    Class Details:
    🗓️ Duration: 9 weeks
    ⏰ Time: 8:30 - 9:30
    💰 Cost: $25 per week

    Class Highlights:

    Broadway Jazz: Experience the electrifying energy of Broadway Jazz, a fusion of traditional jazz dance and theatrical flair. Learn iconic choreography from Broadway hits that will leave you tapping your toes and ready to take center stage.

    Character Dance: Dive into the world of character dance, where students will embody different roles through movement. From classic characters to contemporary personas, this class adds depth to your performance skills.

    Tap Dance: Step into the rhythm of musical theatre with our tap dance sessions. Develop precision and coordination as you create melodic beats with your feet. Perfect for those who love the timeless charm of tap numbers.

    Contemporary Theatre Dance: Explore the seamless blend of ballet and modern dance techniques, infused with theatrical expression. This class focuses on conveying emotions through movement, enhancing your ability to tell a compelling story on stage.

    Partnering Techniques: Elevate your dance experience by delving into partnering techniques essential for duets and ensemble numbers. Build trust and coordination with fellow performers while mastering captivating routines.

    Musical Interpretation: Learn the art of interpreting musical scores through movement. Understand the nuances of timing, tempo, and musical dynamics to enhance your ability to express the emotions embedded in the music.

    Showcase Preparation: Culminate the 9-week journey with a showcase where participants will have the opportunity to perform for friends and family, showcasing the skills and techniques acquired throughout the course.

    Unleash your creativity, build confidence, and refine your dance prowess in a supportive and vibrant environment. Join us each week as we take a step closer to the enchanting world of musical theatre. Let the stage be your canvas, and dance be your brushstroke!

    Enrol now and let the rhythm of musical theatre dance set the stage for your artistic journey!

1 Coorparoo Rd, Warner QLD 4500, Australia

5 - 19 years old

1 hours

Where to find us

1 Coorparoo Rd, Warner QLD 4500, Australia

About the provider

Class Locations

Kelvin Grove - Warner - Rothwell - North Lakes - Morayfield

*Coming Soon - South Brisbane*

BJT helps young performers improve musical and theatrical skills, and inspires their confidence to dream big and achieve more.

Every session and show is run by trained professionals who are active in the industry, helping performers to transition from the classroom to professional theatre.

We are Brisbanes longest running youth musical theatre company since 2001. BJT has produced over 100 high quality musical theatre shows for young performers.


We have 3 main types of Academy classes:

1) Academy Training (Curriculum)

2) Academy Workshops (Performance)

3) Academy Masterclasses (Focus on 1 skill)

In these classes students will learn such skills as:

⭐ Musical Theatre Dance (Jazz, Tap, Ballet & more)

⭐ Scene Work

⭐ Acting Through Song

⭐ Ensemble Work

⭐ Group Vocals

⭐ Theatre 101

⭐ Monologues

⭐ Theatre History

⭐ How to prepare for an audition

At BJT we are always aiming to create a fun, encouraging environment for our young performers, while also maintaining a high level of training and performance to give them real world, professional experience.

BJT has been developing young actors over 20 years and is excited to branch out on this new venture. BJT Academy is a place where actors from all over Brisbane will develop their skills and be a part of a theatre community that builds confidence and connection.


⭐ Helping kids reach for the stars

Brisbane Junior Theatre is a youth based not-for-profit theatre company producing Broadway Musicals acted by young performers. Supported by a great team of people who understand performance and production, everything we do aims at producing significant quality productions at an affordable price with the best motives, skills and processes possible.

⭐ A junior theatre for the real world

BJT provides a service that helps transition students from the classroom to the professional theatre world. Many of our young performers have continued on to land roles in television shows and touring theatre productions.

All shows are double cast to give performers multiple opportunities and a more diverse experience. Imagine having a resume full of more than 20+ roles as part of your audition for a professional show.

⭐ Safety. Creativity. Excellence.

BJT productions revolve around an atmosphere of safety where performers are free to take risks and express their creativity and imagination. Rehearsals are used to train performers, not put them down. We foster an environment that leads to lifelong friendships.

⭐ Inclusive culture. Open to special needs. All are welcome.

Everyone is welcome at BJT. We take steps to ensure all children can be involved as much as possible. Our only requirement is that children listen to instruction and are not disruptive to the show or culture.

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