Our school holiday camps are always fun, technical and player attentive. We place importance on social activities as well as football for our camp format.

    1. The Justfootball Academy Training Method’ – We will combine technical breakdown, 1v1 and tactical game to achieve session objective. This allows our coaches to help players transfer skill into the game.

    2. ‘Fun Games’ – We will have a great time playing a variety of fun football, and social games. Player interaction, social behaviour and team work is a very important aspect to the Justfootball culture and environment.
    3. ‘Tournament Games’ – We design competition games for the kids to look forward to each day.

Lloyd Rees Dr, Lane Cove West NSW 2066, Australia

4 - 14 years old

4 hours



Accepts active kids vouchers

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Lloyd Rees Dr, Lane Cove West NSW 2066, Australia

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Justfootball Academy

4.5 out of 5 (View 19 reviews)

Through design and nurture, we provide training that allows children to find their very own identity as footballers.

"There's a star in everyone, let's discover the star in you!"

We believe a complete footballer is socially competent, well disciplined and respectful, that they are an overall good person as well as a skilful player. The most important skill a child can develop is self-efficacy, the ability to motivate oneself. We believe that the right culture and support, helps the children learn to take responsibility. At the academy we make allowances for children to have more autonomy and learn problem solving, rather than providing all the answers for them.

Our aim is to take you to the next level in every aspect, we are not only a football school but also a school of life. We provide the perfect environment for learning to each individual player through our small groups, settings, session design and culture.

'Justfootball provides all children a structured, caring and safe environment to fulfil their potential. We develop the child's individual needs, and nurture their passion for football.'

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4.5 out of 5 from 19 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Karina Danke on


a month ago

Justfootball are absolutely awesome, my kids have great fun every training session, the encouragement and feedback they receive from the coaches is key.

Chauntelle Delpech on


6 months ago

This has been a fantastic program. The Pink Panthers and Just Football collaboration has been a wonderful initiative to help support the development of our young female soccer players.

Michelle B on


6 months ago

Incredibly well organised soccer training and activities. The team run a professional, engaging and fun service which is a great experience for the kids. The location is very convenient with excellent facilities. Rocky and team are to be commended for this great community activity. Thank you!

Antonio Palanca on


a month ago

Wonderful for the kids and parents. The European program works really well here.

Richard Cole on


5 years ago

Having tried different academies around Sydney, I feel I'm in a good position to provide a fair review. Rocky and team are excellent, my son has never been happier. Firstly, they understand the kids they are coaching and work the sessions to meet their needs. They care about the kids development as individuals, it isn't a production line, its genuine. The coaching ethos and execution has provided noticeable improvement in my son, both in his individual technical ability and in game management as part of a team.

But the most important part of this academy....the kids leave the sessions with smiles all over their faces. I would recommend JFA to anyone who is interested.

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