Yaya's Music - Term 2 Junior Piano Classes (Ages 3.5 -5)

Yaya's Music • Wentworth Point 2127


    The benefits of this program include:

    • Students are introduced to the piano in their first lesson, with an un-intimidating approach to identify keys from the beginning
    • Singing is incorporated to introduce and strengthen aural skills
    • Actions and games are included to support music fundamentals and keep students engaged
    • Percussion instruments are utilised, as part of rhythm activities and introduction to ensemble pieces

    The key elements of the Junior Series program are:

    • Songs – for musical enjoyment, expression and foundation movement activities;
    • Finger Zips – small pieces that develop keyboard skills on a micro level;
    • Repertoire Pieces – solo performance pieces;
    • Ensembles – to develop part-playing skills, group interaction and team playing;
    • Flash Cards – a proven way to reinforce concepts and develop reading skills; and
    • Backing tracks – these provide an aural model and excite the student’s imagination

    Lesson Cost: $345, including 9 lessons, Books/ Materials ($40), annual administrative fee ($35)

4 The Piazza, Wentworth Point NSW 2127, Australia

3 - 4 years old

0.8 hours

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4 The Piazza, Wentworth Point NSW 2127, Australia

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Give your child the gift of music!


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Yaya’s Music is committed to providing, engaging music education to teach preschool & primary students the fundamentals of music & the piano through singing, movement, and fun!

‘The many benefits of music. Listening to and creating music helps children learn numeracy, literacy and emotional skills. Incorporating music into routines and play in the early years has a positive influence on your child's early development. It can get them moving, thinking and inspire creativity.’

Our lessons are so fun, students forget their learning and look forward to each weekly lesson. All musical concepts are layered through fun intentional games and activities. Card games, body percussion, aural training, rhythm bingo etc our lessons suit all learning styles and bring students together in a great community atmosphere.

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