Year 5 English Small Group Tutoring

Serebrum Education • Rose Bay 2029


    Our small groups are designed and delivered by qualified school teachers.
    These small groups employ social learning methods to solidify knowledge and encourage students to step out of their comfort zones, maximising their academic potential.

    Note: credits are provided with notice of non-attendance of any session

6/698 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia

9 - 12 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

6/698 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia

About the provider

Instilling seeds of academic curiosity, our students are equipped with the tools and skills to gain an edge over their peers, whilst instilling a genuine passion for knowledge to fuel a long-term sense of excellence.

The Serebrum team is composed of experienced and qualified school teachers, who are dedicated to putting you at a point of academic advantage, instilling confidence and scholastic enthusiasm, whilst providing you with the resources and tools to academically thrive long-term.

Tuition for excellence is about ensuring there is a fluidity between what is learned at school and at tutoring. Hence, all Serebrum tutors are qualified and experienced primary and high school teachers.

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