Kids Self Defence classes. Our classes for children have a dedicated “Young-Samurai kids” (or mon) Japanese jujutsu grading system and are designed for children aged 6 to 12 years.

    In our children’s classes, students will learn respect, humility, confidence, coordination, self-discipline and focus.

u7a/44 Hutton St, Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia

6 - 9 years old

1 hours

Where to find us

u7a/44 Hutton St, Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia

About the provider

Welcome to Self Defence Central Dojo (SDCD), where we teach a self defence system that is adaptable for children and adults, based on traditional Japanese martial arts of Jujutsu.

You will learn the practicality of self defence that it is suitable for people of all fitness levels and sizes including women and children.

Our martial art system is centred around the principles of:

• Confidence

• Discipline

• Focus

• Self Esteem

• Situational Awareness

• Self-Development

• Self-Control

Employing leverage over strength which is key to its practicality and effectiveness even when used by smaller individuals and to improve the understanding of stances, balance, powerful striking and unification of breath, body weight and hip power.

Our classes are taught from a boutique location in Osborne Park, WA in small groups tailored to skill level.


The jujutsu student will learn from the following groups;

○ Break falls

○ Disengaging mechanics

○ Blocks

○ Counter strikes

○ Striking mechanics

○ Body movements

○ Unbalancing principles

○ Hand grips & clothes holds

○ Ground attacks

○ Weapon defenses

○ Takedowns

○ Throws

○ Strangles

○ Headlocks

○ Body holds

○ Holds & locks

○ Wall attacks

○ Pressure points

○ Using weapons

○ Strategies for dealing with multiple attackers

A FREE TRIAL is available for anyone that is interested. Simply come along to any of our sessions and speak to one of the friendly staff prior to the class commencing.

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