Dya Australia - The Art of Creative Thinking
Dya Australia - The Art of Creative Thinking

Dya Australia - The Art of Creative Thinking

Port Melbourne 3207 VIC

The Art of Creative Thinking

What do we do?

At DYA Australia, we provide experiential discovery art workshops in Melbourne that focus on developing and enhancing the art of creative thinking. This is done through the DYA Art Of Creative Thinking Model that challenges conventional thinking patterns to encourage a wide variety of both personal and social expressions.


Dive into the creative, connected and highly immersive art workshops designed to nourish students and equip them with self-thinking skills needed to face an ever-changing world.

• To Observe at Eye Level

We accept that students are individuals and as such, can bring pre-formed or biased thoughts into creative classes.

To combat this, we observe different styles of artwork to develop elasticity of thought and broadens perspective. Here, we provide tools to break free from fear and encourages artistic creation without limitations.

• To Doubt at a Deep Level

We are surrounded by technology that automates things for us. We call it convenience but when it comes to strong creative thinking skills, it must allow room for the unconventional. Here, we inspire true innovation and nourish creativity as we accept there could be a range of appropriate responses – not just one.

• To Experience at My Level

As we inspire and nourish the creative outcomes that pour from students; we help each individual’s contribution to be understood and embraced by their school mates and importantly, themselves. Here, support the uniqueness of thought as we celebrate the diverse ways each student has expressed their ideas and shaped an original thought.

Confidence through self-thinking is the goal.

Available for Parties


    Looking For An Innovative Way To Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Party?

    Our Art & Craft Birthday Party is an exciting way for children to celebrate birthdays with a creative twist.

    We let children explore their creativity in 2 hours of unique and innovative art activities.

    Celebrating birthdays over an art and craft session is totally absorbing. Our array of activities throughout the day will keep the young minds occupied. They will have ample scope to drill out creative ideas and come up with personal masterpieces which they can take home. If you want your kids birthday party entertainment to be memorable, hire us.

    Dya Australia has endless creative ideas. The packages are open to full customisation so you can choose the activities that your child and their friends will love most. We will mix and match the fun projects to suit the ages of the children and number of kids in attendance, and we’ll keep everything within your budget!

    What do we include in each party pack?

    You will have a dedicated host who will take care of everything on the big day. The host will be present at the designated venue with all supplies. Complete arrangements will be made from our end. You just arrive, celebrate and have fun.

    More than one party host depending on the number of kids
    High energy party games with music
    Complete 2 hours or more of fun activities
    Our child party entertainment in Melbourne is suitable for children of all age groups. If you are unsure of what your child would like, there’s nothing to worry about! We will give our best recommendations after a discussion to find out your requirements and expectations.

    Our trained hosts are extremely professional kid entertainers. They specialise in providing seamless child party entertainment. Our hosts are also fantastic at accommodating the various needs of children to ensure a happy, cooperative environment is maintained. We can arrange a party for any number of kids you want to invite.

    Want to know more about this? Connect and enquire now!


Hosts parties at their venue

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