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Literacy Circle achieves good results as quickly as possible.

What do we do?

Literacy Circle provide world’s best practice in literacy tutoring. We do this because we keep abreast of current thinking around the world regarding how best to educate people. Our focus is on individual needs and the most effective learning takes place when the students are happy, engaged in the learning process and take learning styles into account.

We are always looking at the latest research to ensure that we have the most effective and efficient programs possible. When our programs are effective, we are delivering exactly what our students need. When they are efficient, we are doing it in the shortest time.

Literacy Circle achieves good results as quickly as possible.

The debate over the most effective method of teaching literacy boils down to two schools of thought:

-those who believe phonics should be the basis and

-those who believe that whole language should be the basis.

Most professionals now agree that an integrated approach that incorporates a range of strategies geared to the particular needs of the students but based in phonics is the best approach.

Literacy Circle programs based on “Explicit Phonic Instruction”

teaches phonemic awareness so that the each sound in the word can be identified and written e.g. dog is d-o-g, man is m-a-n, stop is s-t-o-p, coat is c-oa-t

quickly teaches correspondence between letters and sounds and follows with how to blend the sounds for reading, following a clear progression of sounds6 e.g. d-o-g is dog, m-a-n is man, s-t-o-p is stop7

Literacy Circle Advantage

Our programs are supported by the latest research.

Small groups for personal attention

Qualified caring tutors.

Happy motivated kids

Parent feedback


Provides Online Courses


Accepts NSW Creative Kids Vouchers

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