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Scribble Health Art Therapy

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To creatively enhance the well- being of children and provide tools for positive change that will ma

What do we do?

Art Therapy combines art and psycho-therapy. It is grounded in the knowledge of human development, psychological theory and counselling techniques. It is the use of art materials to examine and understand current issues and to enhance emotional resilience and promote recovery.

I use the person centered approach in Counselling and Art Therapy which was developed by psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers. He believed that the relationship with a person has therapeutic value, and a therapist who is deeply understanding (empathic), accepting (having unconditional positive regard) and genuine (congruent) is the basis of a therapeutic relationship.

​The process of Art Therapy is relational and uses talk and art mindfully. Images can allow the client access to their subconscious in ways that words cannot. Clients are encouraged to find their own meanings through careful guidance of the art therapist. This encourages self- awareness and leads to self -discovery and to personal empowerment. Art therapists do not interpret the client’s artwork nor do they analyze and conclude without client input.

Focused Individual Sessions can be defined as Art in Therapy. The image that results from the artwork in therapy becomes the true teacher, leading the client to greater personal understanding and insights about themselves.

Art is inherently therapeutic and focusing whilst creating art is a mindful practice. Have you have ever had a positive experience making something creative and becoming really absorbed in the process? That is something which is called “flow.” It is claimed that the longer amounts of time you stay in flow, the happier you are as a person. (Positive Psychology: Science of Happiness) This can also be termed as Art as Therapy.

Art therapy has become mainstream and is widely practiced in a multitude of settings from private practice to schools and hospitals. It can benefit people of all ages who experience developmental, medical, educational and social or psychological difficulties.


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