Story Squad
Story Squad

Story Squad

Rose Bay 2029 NSW

What do we do?

What we do:

Story Squad runs creative writing and storytelling workshops for kids aged 5-12, providing experiences and inspiration for big imaginations!! These holidays we have powers to master, heroes to conjure, villains to conquer, worlds to discover, games to play, craft to create, friends to make, fun to have, and much, much more!

What we're about:

We believe in teaching kids about the power of their ideas and creative thinking to set them up for a successful future. We want to inspire kids to become storytellers, and to build their confidence in expressing the ideas of their imagination in order to connect, affect change, and put positive ideas into the world, all whilst having a huge amount of FUN!

What parents have to say:

"My kids absolutely loved Story Squad. They have never before given me a blow by blow account of a holiday camp - I was amazed! Fabulous work Story Squad. Of all of the holiday activities we have tried this was by far the best." Julie

“Amazing workshops! My daughter and her 2 friends just finished a workshop today, and when asked if they would like to do another one, all three yelled "YES OF COURSE" at the top of their lungs (I am still struggling to hear...). My daughter loved every single minute of it. Thanks Story Squad!” Bec

“Story Squad is fantastic! It's well organised and in a brilliant venue. The ladies that run it are wonderful, engaging with the children from the minute they walk through the door. My daughter came home excited and inspired, with the most beautiful book she had made, written, illustrated and most importantly she was so proud of it. Thank you Story Squad!” Marissa

“Story Squad meets kids in the Kingdom of Creativity and lets them run wild. Every kid who loves stories will love this class and be empowered to create their own.  A much needed storytelling workshop for kids, Story Squad puts the stories in their hands that they want to tell. All the kids come out shining with excitement.  Can’t recommend it highly enough.” Tiara


Accepts NSW Creative Kids Vouchers

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