Spice up your child's school holiday in Port Melbourne with our dynamic art program! Immerse them in a world of creativity from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day (you can sign up for half a day as well!), where they'll explore a diverse range of artistic techniques and mediums. No experience is needed – just a readiness to dive into the exciting realms of art and imagination.

    Our specially tailored activities will have your little artists crafting everything from luminous sea creatures to imaginative dinosaur sculptures and vibrant nature-inspired reliefs. They'll engage in hands-on sessions, bringing their artistic visions to life while nurturing their creativity and confidence. Each day offers a new adventure: sculpting in clay, drawing under moonlight, and even creating their own eco-friendly art pieces.

    At the end of each session, they'll proudly bring home their masterpieces and a newfound passion for the arts. Don't miss this chance to ignite your child's creative spark in a fun, inspiring environment!

    Each day in your school holiday program offers three unique and immersive workshops:

    Monday - Dinosaurs Are Back
    1. Imaginative Dinosaur Sculpting: Dive into prehistoric creativity by sculpting dinosaurs from the.
    2. Glowing Dinosaur Art: Explore the mystery of the Mesozoic era with art that glows in the dark.
    3. Dinosaur Footprint Pendant Making: Create your own dinosaur footprint pendants in this unique

    Tuesday - Carnival of Colours
    1. Surprising Encounter: Meet a working artist and paint vibrant landscapes.
    2. Nature-Inspired Sculpting: Craft a relief sculpture of a colourful animal from nature, like parrots or
    3. Music-Inspired Drawing: Connect emotion to rhythm and draw inspired by the beats of music.

    Wednesday - Art from the Earth
    1. Eco-Friendly Art Making: Create art that respects and preserves the environment.
    2. Self-Irrigating Pot Design: Design pots from recycled materials for practical environmental care.
    3. Natural Pigment Painting: Use earth-based pigments for unique cave-inspired art.

    Thursday - Animals of the Imagination
    1. Favourite Animal Sculpting: Bring to life a beloved animal through personal clay sculpting.
    2. Moonlit Animal Walk and Drawing: Experience and draw animals in a unique moonlit setting.
    3. Animal Chocolate Relief Making: Create edible art with animal-themed chocolate reliefs.

    Friday - Masks and Faces
    1. Cultural Mask Exploration and Creation: Discover masks from around the world and create inspired versions.
    2. Imagination-Based Face Relief Making: Craft unique face reliefs drawn from imagination.
    3. Portrait Printmaking: Dive into the art of printmaking, focusing on portrait techniques inspired by
    Henri Matisse.

    Each workshop is designed to be fun, educational, and engaging, providing a unique experience every day.

252 Graham St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

5 - 12 years old

3.5 hours

Where to find us

252 Graham St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

About the provider


Dya Australia - The Art of Creative Thinking

4.8 out of 5 (View 52 reviews)

At DYA Australia, we provide experiential discovery art workshops in Melbourne that focus on developing and enhancing the art of creative thinking. This is done through the DYA Art Of Creative Thinking Model that challenges conventional thinking patterns to encourage a wide variety of both personal and social expressions.


Dive into the creative, connected and highly immersive art workshops designed to nourish students and equip them with self-thinking skills needed to face an ever-changing world.

• To Observe at Eye Level

We accept that students are individuals and as such, can bring pre-formed or biased thoughts into creative classes.

To combat this, we observe different styles of artwork to develop elasticity of thought and broadens perspective. Here, we provide tools to break free from fear and encourages artistic creation without limitations.

• To Doubt at a Deep Level

We are surrounded by technology that automates things for us. We call it convenience but when it comes to strong creative thinking skills, it must allow room for the unconventional. Here, we inspire true innovation and nourish creativity as we accept there could be a range of appropriate responses – not just one.

• To Experience at My Level

As we inspire and nourish the creative outcomes that pour from students; we help each individual’s contribution to be understood and embraced by their school mates and importantly, themselves. Here, support the uniqueness of thought as we celebrate the diverse ways each student has expressed their ideas and shaped an original thought.

Confidence through self-thinking is the goal.

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4.8 out of 5 from 52 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Alexandra Fern on


3 months ago

We attended a "paint in the dark" with our marketing team as a team bonding experience. Was such a fun way to see how the team expressed their creativity and gave us plenty to talk about. Great way to mingle with the team with lots of freedom to paint what spoke to you. Loved the music!

Laura Shackleton on


2 months ago

I can't recommend DYA Australia enough. We hosted a Paint & Sip event at the office for International Women's Day and it was such a successful day. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and Ali was an amazing instructor! I'd definitely book again, thanks all!

Maitry S on


a year ago

This was a fun little outing and quite entertaining one.Booked it as an activity for colleagues and I’d say we had a blast.

At the start itself we were greeted by a fur baby. The hosts were very encouraging throughout .The class was pretty chill and everyone had the liberty to bring out the artist in them.

Overall it was a great experience.

Erica Martin on


5 months ago

We used DYA to run a global virtual art event and it was truly action packed - it was a lot of fun and we all really enjoy stepping away from the keyboard and doing something a little more fun and relaxed and creative. Revi and Ollie were fantastic facilitators and our team loved the event.

DYA accommodated our early start (6.30am!) due to global timezones and we all had a ball. Highly recommend!

Cate Lanham on


2 months ago

Booked paint for fun guided 'paint your colleague' for a team building day. Our team of 30 had such a great time. The event was well organised, professional, fun, artist teachers helpful and kind. Would definitely book Dya Australia again.

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