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Bored and stuck at home? A slime kit will fix that!

Last updated on Wednesday, April 01, 2020 | By Craig Gibson

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Slime, love it or hate it - but the reality is that this runny, gooey concoction is a global phenomenon - and kids of a certain age can’t get enough of it. 

You can understand why – it ticks a lot of boxes: it’s slimy, colourful, tactile and very messy. 

Something the makers of the film Ghostbusters recognised when they created the character Slimer – a class 5, full-roaming vapor – who left a trail of green, slimy ooze in his/her wake. Fast forward to the present and young slime fanatics the world over are discovering the chemical wonder of making slime at home – which qualifies it as a STEM lesson in our books. 

Who better to tell us more than Amy from The Slime Store, who run experiences for schools and holiday workshops, as well as a line of DIY Slime Packs – the perfect gift or activity for kids stuck at home.

Quick read:

    [li indent=0 align=left]Slime helps with communication, staying focused and stress relief.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]The Slime Store range is non-toxic and non-allergenic.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]You can buy a DIY Slime Kit online.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]You can also book birthday parties, school and holiday workshops.[/li]

Amy running a Slime birthday activity

Tell us about The Slime Store and your background?

The Slime Store was created by kids for kids. 

18 months ago 9 year old Yestyn (co-founder of the Slime Store) wanted a Slime Party, so we held one here at home and we have never looked back. The party guests were so engaged and had so much fun it just naturally grew from there.  

Who uses your Slime service?

Most of our bookings are birthday parties but we now go into schools, run holiday workshops and sell DIY Slime Packs to Slime fanatics. The packs are also purchased by professionals working with children in a sensory and physiological capacity to help with communication, staying focused and stress relief.

DIY Slime Kit from The Slime Store

What do kids love most about your activity?

Wow where do I start, they are excited from the off set. It begins when they see all of the ingredients, then there is the anticipation of creating their own slime, then the realisation that they have created something from scratch and then the joy of playing with the squishy slime.  

How can you help parents during this time of lockdown and isolation?

The DIY pack instructions and YouTube video makes it very easy for parents to create the Slime with or without their children depending on their Slime making ability and age. Once the Slime is made the children can play with the Slime for hours. They love making Slime bubbles, adding the decorations and colouring their 3 pots of Slime.

Is slime safe – isn’t it just a cocktail of chemicals?

Our Slime is perfectly safe. We just use non-toxic household ingredients. There is NO borax in our Slime.

The many possibilities of slime…

What safety tips have you got for little one’s around slime?

It may look and feel good enough to eat, but please DON’T eat the Slime!!

Do kids with allergies need to worry?

We have never had an issue with allergies as all the ingredients are non toxic and do not contain nuts!

How about age limits – what age group is slime not suitable for?

We usually say for children 4 years and above but we have had 18 month olds at our Slime Workshops and held birthday parties for 3 year olds. I guess it just depends on the parents and how involved they want to be with the activity.

Is there an educational element to slime?

Wow yes, the art of Slime is chemistry based and can teach children about their primary and secondary colours. We do have an educational worksheet that comes with the Slime Pack for children to complete and research.

A lot of parents think slime = mess, how can kids slime without ruining their clothes and your carpets?

Slime is easily cleaned with hot water. 

About The Slime Store

The Slime Store run Slime Store Slime Parties, Slime Making Workshops across Sydney; and sells educational DIY slime packs for use at home. 

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