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Discover Fun Kids Activities: Top Things to Do with Children in Melbourne

Last updated on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 | By Jon Baxter

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Melbourne, the vibrant capital of Victoria, is an incredible destination for families looking for a memorable adventure. With its wealth of attractions and activities, the city offers countless opportunities for fun and learning for children of all ages. In this blog, we'll share some of our top recommendations for kids' activities and things to do with children in Melbourne. So, let's dive in and explore the best kids activities that this charming city has to offer!

Outdoor Adventures for the Little Ones

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens is a fantastic place for nature-loving families to explore. Here, children can engage in fun, educational kids activities such as the Children's Garden and the Indigenous Learning Trail. These immersive experiences allow kids to learn about plants, animals, and the environment while enjoying the great outdoors.

Collingwood Children's Farm

Collingwood Children's Farm offers a hands-on farm experience, giving children the chance to interact with animals, learn about sustainable farming practices, and participate in daily kids activities like cow milking and chicken feeding. It's an unforgettable adventure that connects kids with nature and teaches them the value of caring for animals and the environment.

Exciting Educational Experiences


Scienceworks is a must-visit destination for families with curious children. This interactive museum features engaging exhibits, live demonstrations, and planetarium shows that make learning about science, technology, and the natural world an absolute blast. Younger kids will also love the Nitty Gritty Super City, a play-based learning space designed just for them.

Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum offers an array of exciting exhibits, perfect for kids of all ages. With attractions like the Dinosaur Walk, the Children's Gallery, and the First Peoples exhibition, there's something to pique the interest of every child. The museum's hands-on approach to learning makes it an ideal destination for fun and educational kids activities.

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Creative Play and Imagination Boosters


ArtPlay is a unique space designed to encourage creativity and self-expression in children. With a diverse program of workshops, performances, and creative kids activities, kids can explore various art forms, from painting and drawing to music and dance. It's a fantastic way to inspire young minds and help them develop their artistic talents.

ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image)

Located in Federation Square, ACMI is home to the Screen Worlds exhibition, a mesmerizing interactive experience that explores the history and future of film, television, and digital culture. With hands-on kids activities, games, and workshops, children can immerse themselves in the world of moving images and learn about the power of storytelling.

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Active Fun and Sports for Kids

Bounce Inc

Bounce Inc is a trampoline park that provides endless fun for high-energy kids. With a range of trampolining zones, including free jumping, dodgeball, and a foam pit, children can burn off energy while developing their balance, coordination, and agility. It's a great way to keep kids active and entertained with kids activities, rain or shine.

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Family-Friendly Festivals and Events

Moomba Festival

Held annually in March, the Moomba Festival is a much-loved Melbourne tradition that features rides, games, and entertainment for all ages. With live music, water sports, and a spectacular parade, there's something to delight every member of the family. Don't miss the iconic Birdman Rally, where participants attempt to fly across the Yarra River using homemade contraptions!

Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash

Melbourne International Children's Film Festival

This annual event showcases a diverse selection of films made for young audiences from around the world. With a variety of genres, from animation to live-action, the festival provides an opportunity for children to experience different cultures and storytelling styles. It's a fantastic way to introduce kids to the magic of cinema and inspire their creativity.

Royal Melbourne Show

The Royal Melbourne Show is a beloved event that celebrates agriculture, food, and entertainment. Running for over a week, it offers a range of family-friendly kids activities such as carnival rides, animal displays, live performances, and arts and crafts. It's the perfect place for children to learn about farm life while enjoying a fun day out with the whole family.

Iconic Melbourne Experiences

Puffing Billy Railway

Take a step back in time and hop aboard the Puffing Billy Railway, a century-old steam train that winds its way through the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. This beloved Melbourne experience offers children the chance to learn about the history of transportation while taking in stunning views of lush forests, fern gullies, and quaint villages.

Melbourne Zoo

A visit to Melbourne Zoo offers an unforgettable opportunity to come face-to-face with a diverse array of wildlife, from kangaroos and koalas to majestic elephants and playful seals. The zoo's commitment to conservation and education ensures that kids will not only have a fantastic time but also learn about the importance of protecting our natural world through engaging kids activities.

Eureka Skydeck

For an awe-inspiring view of Melbourne, take the family to Eureka Skydeck, the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere. From 285 meters above the city streets, children will delight in spotting landmarks and learning about Melbourne's geography while enjoying the thrill of being so high up in the sky.

Unique Play Spaces

Croc's Playcentre

Croc's Playcentre is an indoor playground that offers hours of entertainment with age-appropriate play zones, including slides, ball pits, and imaginative play areas. Whether it's a rainy day or you simply want a safe and comfortable environment for your children to let loose, Croc's Playcentre is an excellent option for kids activities.

Clip 'n Climb

Clip 'n Climb provides an exciting, safe, and colorful climbing experience for kids of all skill levels. With a variety of themed climbing walls and challenges, children can test their agility and problem-solving skills while building confidence and having a blast.


PlayHut is an indoor play center that caters to children of all ages, featuring a multi-level play structure, a dedicated toddler area, and interactive games. It's the perfect place for kids to socialize, explore, and enjoy imaginative play in a clean and safe environment with various kids activities.

Cultural Experiences

Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum offers a fascinating insight into Australia's diverse cultural heritage by showcasing the personal stories of immigrants from around the world. Interactive exhibits and engaging displays make this a valuable learning experience for children, helping them understand and appreciate the multicultural fabric of Melbourne and Australia.

National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria is not only home to an impressive collection of international and Australian art, but also offers kid-friendly exhibits and hands-on workshops designed to inspire creativity and a love of art in young visitors.

Australian Music Vault

The Australian Music Vault is an interactive space that celebrates the rich history of Australian music and its impact on society. With exhibits showcasing iconic artists, instruments, and memorabilia, children can learn about the power of music and its role in shaping Australia's cultural identity.

Nature Escapes Around Melbourne

Phillip Island

A short drive from Melbourne, Phillip Island offers an array of family-friendly kids activities such as the famous Penguin Parade, the Koala Conservation Centre, and beautiful beaches perfect for a day of sun, sand, and surf. It's an idyllic destination for a day trip or weekend getaway with the kids.

Photo by Wee Ping Khoo on Unsplash

Dandenong Ranges National Park

Escape the city and immerse your family in nature at the Dandenong Ranges National Park. With its bushwalking trails, picnicking spots, and opportunities for wildlife spotting, this park provides a peaceful retreat where children can learn about and appreciate Australia's native flora and fauna through engaging kids activities.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Experience a taste of the African savannah at Werribee Open Range Zoo. Board a safari bus and venture through the open plains, where you'll encounter giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, and more. This unique and immersive experience not only allows children to observe these magnificent animals up close but also educates them about wildlife conservation and the importance of protecting our planet's ecosystems.

Seasonal Activities and Events

Christmas in Melbourne

During the holiday season, Melbourne comes alive with festive decorations, bustling Christmas markets, and a range of holiday-themed kids activities and events. Children will love exploring the twinkling city streets, visiting Santa's grotto, and participating in the various workshops and performances that celebrate this magical time of year.

Winter Wonderland

When winter arrives in Melbourne, so do the ice-skating rinks and snow play areas. Kids can bundle up and enjoy outdoor ice-skating, tobogganing, and other winter-themed activities that transform the city into a frosty playground. It's a fantastic way to embrace the chilly weather and create warm family memories.

School Holidays Programs

During school breaks, a variety of organizations and attractions in Melbourne offer special events, workshops, and kids activities tailored to children. From art classes and sports camps to theater productions and science experiments, there's no shortage of entertaining and educational experiences to keep kids engaged and happy throughout the holidays.

Melbourne is truly a treasure trove of fun kids' activities and things to do with children. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find something that your little ones will love. So, why not start planning your next family adventure and explore the exciting attractions that Melbourne has to offer? Happy exploring!

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