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Give your child the power of magic with a video workshop

Last updated on Monday, April 06, 2020 | By Craig Gibson

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What does a magician do when audiences are stuck at home and the lights have dimmed on live entertainment? By adapting of course and going online – until the world returns to normal. With much of Australia’s arts and entertainment industry shutdown, magician and entertainer Liam Power believes learning magic tricks can provide a much needed escape for kids. 

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    [li indent=0 align=left]Magic can teach kids new life skills like fine motor coordination, problem solving, creative thinking and presentation smarts.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]Liam is offering a video introduction to magic workshop, with 11 easy to learn tricks using everyday objects.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]The tricks are suitable for ages 8+.[/li]

Liam Power, magician and entertainer

Tell us about yourself and your offering?

I’ve been doing magic for 19 years and for 13 years full time. I love the sense of wonder and amazement that magic can give on an audience. I’ve created a one on one instructional video teaching 11 different beginners magic tricks. The tricks are designed to be easy to learn, offer variety and use objects found around the house

How are you transitioning your business to the new reality?

I’m using this time to create a range of online offerings such as this video introduction to magic workshop as well as offering bespoke one on one classes for more advanced students and shows via Zoom. Hopefully these can compliment my other services when the world returns to normal. 

How can you help parents during this time of lockdown and isolation?

I can provide a unique form of entertainment that is not only fun but teaches kids new skills such as, fine motor skills, presentation skills, problem solving, creative thinking and much more.

Magic is like a fairy tale brought to life

What activities do you offer for kids?

I mainly perform for adults or do family shows at festivals or on cruise ships. Generally when I teach workshops or magic it’s for kids. It’s great how kids pick up knowledge so fast and learn so quickly. 

What is it about kids and magic?

Kids love magic. I think it’s because they still have a sense of wonder with the world and believe everything is possible. It’s like a fairy tale has been brought to life.

What do kids love most about your activity?

It’s different for everybody but mostly kids love performing the tricks for their friends and family. They also like knowing a secret that no one else knows.

Liam attended Hogwarts (kind of)…

You also did a show called “A Muggle Goes To Hogwarts”. Kidsbook are big fans of Harry and all things Potter – tell us all about it?

The premise of the show was that I was a “Muggle” with no magic blood, so had to get through Hogwarts by replicating wizard tricks the old fashioned way, with sleight of hand and misdirection. 

I remember reading Harry Potter and thinking as a magician I perform a lot of similar tricks! I thought how great it would be to combine the 2 worlds on stage. So I performed tricks based on concepts like transfiguration – the art of changing the appearance and shape of an object – or taking away someone’s memory, but making them relevant to the 21st Century and everyday life. 

About Liam Power Magician and Entertainer.

Sydney-based Liam is a magician and entertainer who has been wowing audiences for 13+ years on national TV, at TEDx and corporate events, festivals and other unique locations. Support him by downloading his online class. You can also watch Liam’s showreel here – so you can book him when all this blows over. 

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