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Kidsbook Holiday Gift & Activity Guide

Last updated on Monday, December 13, 2021 | By Craig Gibson

waves surf school
Need some last-minute inspiration for Chrissie and the summer hols?

It’s not too late to get something special for your little ones, but choosing can be a tough call - especially when we are so spoilt for choice. To give you a helping hand we have paired a range of gift ideas with some of the fantastic activities listed on Kidsbook.

Let’s dive straight in, time is ticking…

For the arty crafter

If you have a child who loves to art and craft the day away, then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to gift options. You could start by stocking up on art supplies - like watercolour paint sets, washable crayons, glitter pens or the range of coloured markers from Japanese brand Uni POSCA which use water-based non-toxic inks (or liquid chalk) that works on just about any surface safely. They are great for creating rock art on pebbles, artworks on glass or even creating a custom skateboard design. Available in a range of colours and tip sizes.

There are also a range of kids holiday art activities to choose from if you don’t want them to make your home an art studio.

For the sporty

If your child is a committed sports freak - or you want to nudge them to get more active, then some cool gear should do the trick. For soccer fans merchandise is a good place to start, with a shirt with their fave player’s name or number on the back. This is also a great way to get your kid to support the national team, be that the Socceroos or Matildas. If shooting hoops (or watching Space Jam) is their thing then a genuine basketball (size 3 is perfect if they are just starting out) should put a smile on their face, and you can pair that with an actual hoop if your backyard has the space.

You can also browse and book kids' holiday sport activities, with everything from soccer and tennis camps to surf schools.

For curious minds

If your little precious is a budding Einstein or Musk then you really do want them to reach their potential (and list that ever-so-clever startup on the ASX). The easiest gift idea is a science lab activity set, which comes with everything they need (don’t forget the safety goggles) for them to have a blast (not literally!) and conduct their very own science experiments. You can also help get their very own bedroom lab set up with equipment like a microscope set, 3D printer or edible chemistry set. And if you are wondering if slime qualifies as science, we think it does - but hopefully you have banned it by now.

You can also browse and book kids science activities, if you want them to have some expert guidance.

For the budding grom

If your child is a budding grom - or even a full fledged shredder, then getting them the right gear is sure to take them to the next level. If they don’t already have their own board or wetsuit then there is Chrissie gift idea number one, but there are tons of other options for kids who love the sun and surf. You can start affordable with some wax for their board, upgrade their leash or make sure their precious ride is protected with a padded board bag. You also spoilt for choice with gear from top Aussie brands like Billabong, Rip Curl, Quiksilver or Roxy - to name a few, all of who have surf clothing, swimwear, wetsuits, boardshorts and surf accessories for girls and boys.

You can also book a kids surf lesson if they are just starting out and want them to learn the basics.

For the eco-warrior

The benefits of being outdoors and active are well known, and besides wrangling kids off those screens, we think the vitamin D boost and exposure to nature ticks all the right boxes. Our gift ideas here include gearing them up their own backpack for hitting the trails, a pair of binoculars for spotting whales/birds or stimulating their curiosity with a worm farm or insect hotel.

You can also book a kids nature activity, ranging from guided hikes to wilderness skills or navigating obstacle courses.

Hopefully that helps you out - and remember if you need to keep them busy over the (loooong) summer holidays, feel free to browse all the kids holiday activities we have listed.

Hero image photo by john labelette on Unsplash

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