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Sewing is technical, creative - and a great life skill for kids!

Last updated on Thursday, April 23, 2020 | By Craig Gibson

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Looking for something technical, challenging and creative for your child to do?

Then you definitely need to put sewing on the list. Not only will it teach them focus, concentration and fine motor skills - but you can also break the fast-fashion cycle and give new life to fabric you have lying around at home. 

Thanks to Zoom, Colette from the Bronte Sewing Room can beam right into your home and give your child a lesson - and you don’t need a sewing machine.

Quick read:

Sewing helps kids to invent, create, design and dream
You don’t need a sewing machine 
Your kids can learn to sew online via Zoom

Colette - sewing is her thing.

How did the Bronte Sewing Room come to be?

Our first sewing classes started way back in April 2009. Soon it became obvious that a permanent space was needed and in January 2010 the Bronte Sewing Room was born.

We now have a great team of enthusiastic teachers with experience in pattern making, design and construction of garments, textile design, costume design and soft furnishing and much more. They each share their unique experiences and techniques with adults and kids - to inspire, encourage and teach. 

How are you transitioning the business to social distancing?

We are offering classes via Zoom, which I had never heard of until a few weeks ago. But I have since Zoomed my 84 year old mum - and am now offering Zoom Sewing Classes to anyone who would like to give it a go.  

How does a remote sewing class via Zoom work?

I will be at The Bronte Sewing Room and we interact via Zoom, for any of the following classes - or anything else you want to try:

Learn to use your sewing machine
A starter class introducing you to your machine and its features. Getting you sewing and confident enough to start your own project.

Private or group kids classes
We can help guide you through any project that suits skill levels and capabilities. Happy to discuss projects by phone or email. 

Overlocking at home
Happy to walk you through the threading process and how to overlock. Will explain how to understand and fix tension problems

Take-home kits 
We are also developing some take-home kits with instructions which will be available to pick up outside our door or we can post to you. We will let you know as soon as they are ready!

What is your pricing for Zoom classes?

Private class (one person) Zoom rates are as follows:

15 minutes (or part thereof) $25
30 minutes (or part thereof) $40
1 hour (or part thereof) $70

If 2 friends join in from separate homes for a class the Zoom rate will be:

If 2 friends join in from separate homes for a class the Zoom rate will be:

What age range is sewing suitable for?

We take kids from about 8 or 9 up. Everyone is different in terms of individual ability and aptitude, but that age range is when they start to have the concentration and fine motor skills for sewing projects. 

What sewing activities or projects can kids take on at home?

A great starter sewing project for kids is a hand sewing project to make a pencil roll. I am also developing take-home kits with a video tutorial. 

Do you need a sewing machine for your Zoom lessons?

No, beginners can start with a simple hand sewing project. If you have your own machine that is great - and I am happy to talk you through how to use it. If your child is having a Zoom lesson just make sure you are on hand to assist, as it is a technical activity.

How can you help parents during this time of social distancing?

We really need to be as creative as we can right now in so very many ways. It’s time to invent, create, think, design, dream and stay curious - so learning to sew is a perfect activity!

What can sewing do for kids?

Sewing is a great life skill to have. It’s actually quite technical, so mastering it gives kids a real sense of achievement. 

Are you looking beyond lockdown?

Yes, absolutely - when the NSW government relaxes social distancing we hope to resume our after school and school holidays classes for kids with appropriate social distancing in place. 

About the Bronte Sewing Room

You can contact The Bronte Sewing Room on 02 9386 9977 or via email:

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