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Skateboarding, great fun outdoors and an antidote to screen time

Last updated on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 | By Craig Gibson

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With most group activities shutdown getting your kids outdoors and active is a real challenge at the moment. And while many skate parks are shut, you can still do one-on-one private lesson without breaking social distancing guidelines. 

Skate Now, based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, do just this – and when social distancing guidelines relax they also offer group lessons, and can even handle a birthday party. 

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    [li indent=0 align=left]Skateboarding is great for developing balance, coordination and mental agility.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]Skate Now lessons cater for all levels.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]You can book a private one-on-one lesson – and when restrictions ease, a group lesson or birthday party.[/li]

Danny and Nevada are Skate Now

Tell us all about Skate Now?

We are a family run business, which has been operating for about 8 years. We teach kids of all ages how to skate, from group lessons to one-on-one private lessons, as well as larger clinics for schools and community organisations. We also host kid’s skate parties and sell skateboards and protective gear – so feel free to hit us up for advice on equipment purchases based on a child’s age and ability, budget etc. 

How are you transitioning the business to social distancing?

A good thing about skateboarding is that it is a non-contact sport, and we actually always encouraged distancing at our lessons (to prevent collisions!). So skateboarding is a great activity whilst social distancing. We also provide hand sanitiser at our lessons too, and get kids to wash their hands before and after lessons. 

Online tutorials are also something we are looking at.

You can book a group or private lesson

What does a lesson look like?

Absolute beginners are guided step-by-step through a sequence of stages that have been designed to help them grasp the fundamentals of skateboarding in a safe, easy way. 

Lessons for intermediate riders focus on more progressive technique, and at this stage guidance is also provided for specific tricks a student may wish to learn. We believe creativity is a vital element of skateboarding.

Lessons are held at local skate parks, sports centres and, as we are a mobile skateboarding school, we can also come to you.  

How can you help parents during lockdown?

We have noticed an increase in more traditional activities lately, which is a good antidote to all the screen time. Skateboarding is also a great way for kids to stay safe, active and keep positive during this uncertain time. Right now we provide kids an outlet of physical exercise and mental stimulation, which can help parents keep their sanity 😉

We have noticed an increase in more traditional activities lately, which is a good antidote to all the screen time

The other great thing is that skateboarding can be done anywhere, and the skills children learn at our lessons can be practiced at home on a driveway, or even on carpet and grass.

Skate Now also run kids birthday parties

What does skateboarding offer kids?

Skateboarding has a wide range of benefits. There are the obvious physical ones such as increase in balance and coordination, and skateboarding can also help kids grow mentally too.

It can increase a child’s confidence and the life lessons skateboarding teaches about practice, focus and perseverance are invaluable. 

What do kids love most about your activity?

Kids have a blast doing something they love, whilst gaining from all the benefits skateboarding provides, like being outside and active, having fun and learning cool new tricks.

About Skate Now

Skate Now is a skate school dedicated to teaching the techniques and fun of skateboarding through private & group lessons as well as kids parties. You can see what they do on their Instagram page.

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