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Sketch, draw and cartoon like a pro with Toon Creations

Last updated on Thursday, June 25, 2020 | By Craig Gibson

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Do your kids want to draw their favourite animated characters, or take it to the next level by learning to sketch expressions and nail perspective?

Then check out Toon Creations - the brainchild of Adam Brisson, director and head cartoonist - a cartooning school with a studio in Bondi Beach.

Quick read:

    [li indent=0 align=left]Face-to-face and online classes.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]Skills learnt include expressions, gestures, shapes and depth perception.[/li][li indent=0 align=left]Since opening in 2012 they have taught close to 7500 students.[/li]

What activities do you normally offer for kids?

We run everything from school holiday and vacation care workshops to incursions for schools, to kids parties and after school drawing and cartooning classes. Face-to face classes and workshops happen at our studio which is located in Bondi.

With social distancing a reality what is your remote offering?

The past April school holidays we went online and offer online after school classes for Term 2 and 3. We also offered FREE online cartooning classes for parents to assist with teaching kids art classes at home and will do in June as well. The feedback we have got has been very positive, especially over the holiday period with one parent saying it was the first full day’s work they had.

What does a Toon Creations class look like?

When face-to-face we run from 9am - 5pm with a maximum of 25 kids to ensure each child gets a great experience. Even with online we still have set a limit to ensure every child remains engaged (28 kids). Online we run 2 sessions 9:30am - 12pm and 2pm - 4:30pm.

What does cartooning offer kids?

Cartooning is a fun and creative introduction into the arts. It also helps with fine motor skills.

Kids love it as it offers them the freedom to be creative. Whilst we offer guidance with our drawings we encourage them to not to do the normal and add anything personal to each artwork, to make it unique and their own. I also try hard for my personal vision for each artwork to not impact on each child’s vision for their character.

What skills will they pick up in a workshop?

Our workshops and after school classes are run so kids can be independent.

In a cartooning workshop students will learn to draw characters that are familiar to them from famous and recent animation films, including expressions, gestures, shapes and depth perception.

In a drawing class students start with the fundamentals like shading and perspective to create still life i.e. structure for animals, people and objects. More advanced students will be extended by learning classical methods to create realistic drawings of the body, face and other features.

Depending on demand and availability we also run themed workshops, including a focus on animals, manga, video game characters and chibi.

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