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Are you looking for a fun and captivating way for your child to learn Mandarin Chinese?

What do we do?

Imagine... your child fluent in Mandarin! Enrol now with Mandarin Stars and start laying the foundations for future fluency in the must-have language of Mandarin Chinese!

Have you been looking for a fun and captivating way for your child to learn Mandarin? Do you want a program that will instill a love for learning and also follow a well developed and structured language curriculum? Children, parents and educators love our Mandarin Stars program!

Children have an amazing aptitude for learning a second language and it’s even easier when they are having fun. Since 2008, we’ve been recognised as Australia’s leading Mandarin Chinese immersion-based educators. Our interactive and encouraging teaching methods inspire a lifelong love of the Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Give your child the lifetime gift of being able to speak a second language that can connect him or her with over 1.3 billion Mandarin speakers in the world!

Book a Mandarin Stars trial class now and start your child's Mandarin Chinese language learning journey!

Classes are available ONLINE and also IN-PERSON Sydney-wide!


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Accepts NSW Creative Kids Vouchers

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